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Chocolate Cooling

The chocolate cooling is the main part in the whole production process,it help the chocolate product cool and set quickly,it also can be customized for customer,as the difference output capacity.

What is Vertical Type Chaine Cooler?

Vertical cooling tunnels are universally used for product cooling after molding.Such as filled candy, hard candy, taffy candy,all kinds of chocolate and many other confectionery products.It has a computer digital precise temperature control system,and the PLC brand is Delta,full automatic and easy to operate,and the temperature adjustment range is generally 0~10℃.

What is the Main Feature of Vertical Type Chaine Cooler?
1.Cooling tunnel are equipped with 2 sets of 15P refrigeration systems. Direct touch cooling on bottom side and indirect top cooling design.
2.All stainless steel and which in compliance with food hygiene and safety standard.
3.Two stages or even more stages of cooling. The multi-stage cooling design makes it energy saving, fast cooling, easy operation,etc.
4.Tunnel cover adopts the latest design concept, fully covered and sealed design greatly avoid energy loss.
5.The most obvious and also the most important advantage for vertical cooling tunnel is space saving.

How to work of Vertical Type Chaine Cooler?

After conveying to cooling tunnel,products will be cooled by special cooling air.Cooling effect is stable and the whole process is clean,and the cooler is vertical type,so it will have enough space for the product stay in the cooler,it will ensure that the product can be quickly cooled and shaped in a short time.Import compressor from USA and frequency convertergreatly improves the stability and durability of this device.
Take a look at our video on ball mill working process.

What is the details of PLC?

*Temperature sensor:DVP-04PT-E2
*Frequency Converter:VFD007EL43A