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Customized Adding Machine

This part of machine includ automatic biscuit feeding machine,automatic particle feeding machine,and other type of machine which related chocolate.it Can be combined with other type of chocolate related machine freely,such as chocolate depostiting machine,enrober machine etc.

What is the automatic biscuit feeding machine?

The biscuit feeding machine is a necessary part of chocolate depositing line,it can also be used in enrober line.such as mushroom chocolate biscuit,it use automatic depositing line add the automatic biscuit feeding machine.touch screen control,convenient parameter adjustment,equipped with automatic operation,manual operation,cleaning and other optional mode,simple operation,convenient maintenance.

What is the automatic mushroom chocolate biscuit machine?

The mushroom chocolate biscuit is the new type of chocolate product.It looks like a mushroom,it it the combine with chocolate and biscuit,the production machine in the whole line add the automaic biscuit feeding machine.The automatic biscuit feeding machine whole production process is completed by automatic parameter setting,saving manpower and improving production efficiency

How is working process of automatic mushroom chocolate biscuit machine?

It same as the automatic chocolate depositing line,only added a step to automatically biscuit feeding.
1.Baking mold heating stage.The baking mold adopts double-layer stainless steel heat insulation cover, and the heating cover is lifted and lowered by the cylinder.
2.Chocolate pouring stage.The servo motor drives synchronously, and the head slide rail moves in balance.The main body of the machine head adopts the aviation 704 model aluminum alloy main valve body, the chocolate hopper adopts 304 stainless steel interlayer cylinder body, and the main body of the machine head and the chocolate material cylinder adopt circulating hot water to keep warm.
3.Automatic biscuit feeding stage.Put the biscuit into the feeding system,the biscuit will be automatically inserted into the mold of chocolate.
4.Conveyor system.Using 1.0 PU belt, synchronized with the mold delivery.
5.Chocolate circulation cooling stage.Adopt 301 all stainless steel material, temperature 0-10℃
6.Demoulding system.The top spring of SMC cylinder is lifted, the plastic hammer knocks the mold to release.
Take a look at our video on packing machine working process.