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Chocolate Coating Machine

Chocolate coating macine is used for deep processing of chocolate related products,it is a machine used in the confectionery industry to coat a food item with a coating medium,typically chocolate,the food item such as chocolate bar,peanut,hard candy,Fudge,almond,raisin,etc.it also can be used in pharmaceutical industry to wrap sugar coatings for tablets and pills.

What are the types of chocolate coating machine

With the update of technology,we continue to introduce three generations of coating machines,all the details as following:
Chocolate coating/polishing pan machine is more of a traditional technology machine used to coat products via the coating/polishing pan rotating speed,the main parts are coating/polishing pan and main motor,the output capacity from 6kg/batch to 120kg/batch.This machine can be used for coating and polishing chocolates with various shapes,such as round,oblate,oval,sunflower seed shaped,cylindrical etc,making it glossy,and shining with lustre on the surface. Moreover,chocolates shall look more delicate after being polished.
Belt chocolate coating/polishing machine suitable to coat a wide variety of centres with dark or white chocolate as well as compound.The machine mainly used in stuffed products with peanuts,almonds,raisin,puffed rice balls,Jelly candies,hard candies,QQ candies and melissa etc.It is a mass production equipment for chocolate related products.
Rotary-drum chocoalte sugar coating/polishing machine is our latest R & D technology,it can be used for chocolate coating of various shapes,crispy candy coating,etc.,360°rotation,better coating effect,widely used in food,medicine and military industry,it is a high-end equipment for chocolate,powder coating and polishing of tablets,pills, candy,etc.

How is the working process of Rotary-drum chocoalte sugar coating/polishing machine?

Our Rotary-drum chocoalte sugar coating/polishing machine are full automatic coating machine,360°rotation,automatic material loading and unloading.
Take a look at our video on chocolate coating machine working process.

What is the feature of Rotary-drum chocoalte sugar coating/polishing machine?

1.Automatic material loading,product processing and unloading.
2.Automatic syrup spray,powder spray ad power dust removal.
3.Automatic cleaning,drying and dehumidification.
4.Enclosed space,temperature and humidity controllable,no contamination.
5.Not limited by product shape,it can coat products of various shapes.

What are the chocolate coating/polishing machine used for?

Chocolate coating/polishing pan machine widely use in chocolate shop,ice cream shop and small factory workshop.
Belt and Rotary-drum chocolate coating/polishing machine uses program generation to control the degree of automation,suitable for different product specifications,large output capacity,it is ideal device to replace a large number of polishing pots,mainly used in the food and pharmaceutical industries