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Chocolate grinder

Chocolate ginder is the main production equipment of the chocolate production line,it include Horizontal-Type Ball Mill machine and chocolate/sugar conche machine,all these machine is used for the refining of raw material.Chocolate ginder is the beginning of the whole production line,it is the raw material refiner,that mean all the chocolate production process need grinding the raw material,it’s the main part of the whole production line.the chocolate grinder include ball mill and conche machine,all the details as following:

What is the Horizontal-Type Ball Mill machine?

Horizontal-Type Ball Mill machine is jointly developed by a group of technical personnel from different companies and uses special components processed by Chengdu military-civilian enterprises. At the same time, it has adopted the advantages of many horizontal ball mill such as German BUHLER, Naichi, and Lehman, and also cold and hot water internal circulation automatic temperature control system. Delta PLC and Schneider low-voltage electrical appliances. All these makes this ball-mill fully meet the international advanced level.Granulated sugar can directly been added into the mixing tank and ready for milling process,It tastes even better for grinded granulated sugar,and 99.99% of fineness can get 18-25 microns after milled.ball mill has been improved with the advantages of low energy consumption,high productivity,low noise,super low metal content,easy to clean,one-touch operation,etc.In this way,it has shortened 8-10 times of milling time and saved 4-6 times of energy consumption.With leading advanced technology and imported accessories with original packing,equipment performance and products quality is guaranteed.

What is the chocolate conche machine?

Chocolate conche machine is chocolate candy production basic equipment is used in compound chocolate raw material grinding,it is used for the refining of chocolate ingredients/mixture of cocoa butter,cocoa powder,cocoa mass,chocolate bar,granulated sugar,milk powder etc.
It is developed nationally and is the new generation chocolate refining machine.The special design ensures the easy operation,easy cleaning,low power consumption,good performance,nice look(the surface material is the mirror material,the surface is covered by the white film for protection) etc.It can improve the final texture and flavor of the chocolate,it is the main production equipment of the chocolate production line.

What is the advantage of chocolate grinder?

Ball mill machine:reduces the noise,saves energy,improves the production efficiency,Fine grinding precision;
Chocolate conche machine:easy to operate,cheap price.

How is the working process of Ball mill machine?>

Our ball mill machine main component include:Ball Mill Main Unit,Tank For Mixing,Transit Tank,Syrup Pump,Strong Magnetic Strainer,Water Cooling Machine,Die temperature machine and Pipes.generally,we are equipped with 2 sets of ball mill main unit,each capacity is 600L,we also can customized for customer if their Small output capacity,it will only need one main unit,the machine material is 304 stainless steel.
Ball mill machine working process:Load raw material into Mixer tank→Melting and Mix→First Ball Mill→Transit Tank→Second Ball Mill→Strong Magnetic Strainer→Out
Take a look at our video on ball mill working process.

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