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Chocolate Mold/Mould

What is Chocolate Moulds?

LST carries a large selection of Chocolate Moulds, we have PC mould, silicone mould, magnet mould, have various designs.Also can customize design based on your requirement.

What’s the LST Chocolate Moulds used for?

PC moulds:

The most important advantage of PC hard plastic molds is that the parts attached to the mold can be very bright. In addition, the operability is relatively good, the texture is very hard, and you can knock it casually.

Silicone moulds:

1)The raw material of the silicone mold adopts food-grade silicone, which passes the FDA/LFGB standard;
2) Non-stick, easy to demold, easy to clean, environmentally friendly, low-carbon, recyclable;
3) Simple and practical, hygienic and healthy, natural antibacterial, high-strength softness, anti-corrosion and adaptability;
4) Not easy to damage, no cracking, durable, high temperature resistance 230 degrees, low temperature minus 40 degrees;
5) Safe, non-toxic, non-odorous, evenly heated.