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Chocolate Feeding System

Chocolate feeding system is the most important stage in the whole chocolate production line,it’s the necessary equipment in the chocolate production.

What is Chocolate feeding system?

Genareally,when we begain a project of chocolate production,the first thing is confirm with customer ”Do you need a feeding system?”and then we can talk other details with customer,as the chocolate feeding system is the necessary equipment in the whole production.
The chocolate feeding system include two types of machine:the first one is chocolate holding tank;our chocolate holding tank is in the chocolate production necessary equipment,mainly uses in after the correct grinding chocolate syrup heat preservation storing,satisfies the chocolate production the technological requirement,adapts the continuous production request.it include the chocolate holding tank and pump twp parts,the tank capacity optional are 500L,1000L,2000L;and the power are 7KW,7.5KW and 9 KW,generally,we will recommend the suitable capacity based on our cusotmer output capacity request,The greater the output capacity, the greater the capacity.the pump as same as holding tank,we will match the suitable pump for the chocolate holding tank.
The second part is fat melting tank,our chocolate melting and tempering mixer tank from 75kg to 6000kg,and we also can specially made according to your special needs.
The stainless steel tank has a sandwich with constant temperature control,and a strong mixing and scraper device inside.

What’s the chocolate feeding system used for?

The chocolate holding tank is to store the fine grind chocolate mass with constant temperature controlled by automatic temperature control system,it mainly used as heat preservation container to store the after-grinding chocolate syrup,in order to meet the technological requirement and continuous production request.
The fat melting tank can be used for melting,storage and heat maintaining for chocolate,axunge and similar coating materials.Other components including a water interlayer heating equipment,can br used foe external heating,heat preservation and insulation.

What are the main features of chocolate feeding system?

Chocolate holding tank:Double jacket insulation/Hot Water Circulation System/Gate Type Stirring Paddle/Full 304 Stainless Steel
Fat melting tank:Interlayer heating equipment/Hot Water Circulation System/High capacity SS tank