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Chocolate Molding Machine

Chocolate moulding machine
Chocolate moulding machines are high-tech full automatic machine for chocolate forming. They able to produce many different kinds of high quality chocolate candies. Machines including chocolate depositing machine, chocolate chip/drop depositor machine,chocolate cold press shell machine,chocolate hollow spinning machine and multi-functional mixing and forming machine,
What is Chocolate chocolate moulding machines?
1:Fully automatic chocolate depositing line:Mould loader & heating machine-one-shot /3D
depositor-Mould vibrating machine-Vertical cooling tunnel-Auto demoulding machine-Mould returning conveyor(optional)-moulds
2:Automatic Oat-Meal Chocolate Production Line:chocolate melting machine-grinding chocolate-mixing chocolate with crispy product(like oatmeal, rice crisp, nuts)-forming(roll forming)-conveying-cooling-demoulding-packaging
3:Chocolate Cold-Press Shell Machine:The specially treated press head
4:Chocolate Hollow Spinning Machine:This equipment is designed based on the principle that the chocolate goes with centrifugal force when it is in revolution and rotation state, according to its characteristics
What’s the chocolate moulding machines used for?
Mini One Shot Chocolate Despositor: used for small and medium production, laboratories and home workshops, produce such as chocolate blocks, nuts mixing, center filling etc(80-100kg/h)

1D Simple Despositor, 2D One-Shot Depositor, 3D Decorating Depositor:used for shop, small factory, laboratory, handmade chocolate workshop,besides one-shot deposition fnction, also can do 3D decorating function

full automatic chocolate moulding line/combined chocolate depositing line:used for chocolate factory,can produce pure solid chocolate,center filled chocolate, double-colored chocolate particle mixed chocolate, amber,agate chocolate and so on(500-600kg/h), can customize mould lifting,pull-out depositor,remote debugging,one head semi-automatic, one head, two heads or three heads molding line for different products

Automatic Chocolate+biscuit Molding Machine:Add automatic biscuit/particle feeding, stick-placing machine, can produce out more different kinds of chocolate snack.

Other moulding machine:
1:chocolate chip/drop depositor machine:used for chocolate factory, produce chocolate chips in small drop-shape or button shape

2:Automatic Oat-Meal Chocolate Production Line:used for mixing chocolate, nut butter, fruit, or cereal with other particle food; the product loafs are varied and can be customized

3:Chocolate Cold-Press Shell Machine:auto make shell and fast cool.

4:Chocolate Hollow Spinning Machine:The 3D hollow chocolate products