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Chocolate Shell Nut Cream Mixing Chocolate


  • Capacity:
    10 moulds/min
  • Out put:
    nut mixing chocolate, center filling chocolate, solid chocolate, chocolate chip etc

Product Detail

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chocolate shell nut cream mixing chocolate

1D/2D/3D One-shot depositor

Mould heating machine

Heated by electricity, air fan for hot air circulation makes sure moulds are even heated.

Dimension: 2100*550*900mm

Power: 4kw

Mould vibrating machine

Dimension: 1800*550*900

Power: 1kw

Small cooling tunnel

Capacity: can hold 20 moulds

6*8 layers

Compressor: 5P water chilling

Power: 4kw

Chocolate shelling machine

Customzied type

Mix depositor

Mix depositor

This is an necessary part to make the production line a automatic circle line.

Dimension: Not fixed, it will be customized according to line set up.

Power: 0.75kw

Chocolate Sprayer

Vertical cooling tunnel

Vertical cooling tunnel, save space.

Power: 19kw

Dimensions: 5000*1800*2800

Capacity: 240-280 moulds

20 levels*6moulds*2

Compressor: 15P water chilling


610mm*225mm*30mm(30 pcs chocolate/mould)

Whole line capacity 300 pcs/min

Auto demoulding machine

Automatic turn mould over

Double tapping demoulding

Turn mould over again

Power: 2kw


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