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Combined Chocolate Depositing Line


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This Chocolate depositing line is a high tech full automatic chocolate machine for chocolate molding. The production process include mould heating, chocolate depositing, mould vibrating, mould conveying, cooling and demolding.

Product Detail

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Certification CE
Customization Customize logo(min order 1 set)Customize packaging(min order 1 set)
EXW Price  10000-40000$


●Main Introduction

The full automatic oatmeal chocolate machine include oat chocolate making machine and cooling tunnel. It can produce all kinds of new style chocolate product in different shaped.Equipment using program control, sutomatic cereals and chocolate syrup.Under continuous automatic control of mixing material into the molding, cooling products under pneumatic beat emerge from the mold.

●Main Feature

-Automatic mould heating
-Automatic decorating
-Automatic vibration
-Cold press
-Automatic particle feeding machine
-Automatic stick-placing machine
-Automatic large mixing pouring
-Automatic demoulding
-Automatic demoulding placement


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