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1D Simple Despositor, 2D One-Shot Depositor, 3D Decorating Depositor


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  • Machine Capacity:
    200-300kg ,6-12moulds/min
  • Dimensions:
  • Certification:
  • Customization:
    Customize logo(min order 1 set)
    Customize packaging(min order 1 set)
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This chocolate depositing line is a high-tech full automatic chocolate machine for chocolate molding

Product Detail

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Item No LST-M2D8O2/LST-M3D8O2
Machine Capacity 200-300kg ,6-12moulds/min
Dimensions 450*300*30mm/450*23030mm
Certification CE
Customization Customize logo(min order 1 set)Customize packaging(min order 1 set)
EXW Price /

●Main Introduction

This chocolate depositing line is a high-tech full automatic chocolate machine for chocolate molding
-1D/2D One-shot Depositor:2D one-shot depositor can produce single color, two color, particle mixed chocolate, center filling, chocolate ball, chocolate bar etc.
-3D Decoration Depositor:has all the function of 2D one shot depositor.Specialized in decoration depositing function.

●Main Feature

●3D able to move to any direction necessary, it is even able to draw picture
●Depositor is with shell, these shell is not only for hygienic purpose, but also for safty protection.
●the depositing head is with completely new mechanism , which enables fast assemble and disassemble of the depositing head, depositing plate, etc. This design make it very fast and convenient for depositing plate change or depositor cleaning.
●Depositingg Accuracy is high
●Easy cooperation
●full automatic PLC controlled, Schneider electronic components, Omrons photodetection, AirTAC and SMC pneumatic elementmakes. it highly stable and reliable. highly stable and reliable AirTAC
●The Beckhoff Remote Control System from Germany enables us to modify system parameters, diagnosis & troubleshooting on line, which is not only easy and fast, but also cost-saving.
●This line is combined with all kind of parts, and these parts can be separated and recombined with some other parts to makes another production line for different products
●There are single depositor, double depositor or more to meet different product production need.
●To produce different kinds of chocolate products, you only need to change the pouring plate and moulds.


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