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Chocolate Hollow Spinning Machine


  • Item No:
  • Machine Capacity:
    16moulds/batch/3-10 minutes depends on the thickness
  • Dimensions:
  • Certification:
  • Customization:
    Customize logo(min order 1 set)
    Customize packaging(min order 1 set)
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This equipment is designed based on the principle that the chocolate goes with centrifugal force when it is in revolution and rotation state, according to its characteristics.

Product Detail

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Item No jz-510
Machine Capacity 6-10 moulds/mins, single mould
Dimensions 2000*1500*1850mm
Certification CE
Customization Customize logo(min order 1 set)Customize packaging(min order 1 set)
EXW Price /

●Main Introduction

Cold press is a new high tech machine, auto make shell and fast cool.

●Main Feature

●special mechanism of the press head makes it easy and fast to change the press head for products switch or cleaning
●Combined with other machine to make all kinds of new type products.
●The specially treated press head(aeronautical material), which makes sure the good temperature performance, and also press head will not produce any water so the chocolate will not stick on the press head when press into the chocolate, it will be healty to produce and make the demoulding much easier.
●There are 2 sets of cold press head, each press head can produce maxim 96 products at one time, so 2 times of press head will produce as much as 192 chocolate cups.
●The cold press machine will need to have a 5HP water chiller to make the temperature of the press head to -10℃--20℃.
●belt conbeyor, air cylinder clamp moulds
●Delta PLC,automatic processing
●low temperature pressing core
●fast molding




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